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Las Vegas, NV, July 3, 2023 – After more than a year of patience and hopeful anticipation, Red Note of Las Vegas, owned and operated by Red Note Gaming, LLC., is now open daily to the public.  Located just over 10 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip at 1881 S. Rainbow Blvd., Red Note of Las Vegas is a 5,000-square-foot arcade facility hosting over 20 different rhythm games.

“As a local Las Vegas dance game competitor with a passion for movement, a Bachelor’s in music, and an MBA, the opening of Red Note of Las Vegas has been a lifelong dream come true.  I couldn’t think of anything more personally fulfilling than having the privilege of offering this creative, family-friendly, healthy lifestyle-encouraging, musical oasis to my hometown community.  Being a part of the rhythm game community has been a life-giving, endless blast!” – Jennifer Hertberg, Assistant Manager

The benefits of rhythm games on brain function include better coordination, enhanced memory and problem-solving skills, and reduced stress (Slater, Arew, 2023).  As well, dance games such as Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) have “been proposed by researchers as an innovative and fun solution to promoting a healthy lifestyle”.  DDR even “has a built-in workout mode that allows players to track how many calories they burn as they play” (Gao, Huang, Liu, & Xiong, Journal of Exercise Science & Fitness, 2012).

“What an absolutely amazing arcade!… Red Note is very well catered to rhythm games in so many different aspects…Plenty of sofas and places to sit and chitchat with friends..and a wonderfully friendly environment, from gamers and staff alike” – (Elaine Y., Google Review)

Red Note Gaming enjoys sharing its love of rhythm games with the world and fostering the rhythm game community through in-person and online events.  

For more information about Red Note of Las Vegas, please contact Jennifer Hertberg at (702) 845-9254 or [email protected].

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